Our traditional Barre format challenges both your body and mind in a low-impact, high-intensity class. Expect deep muscle work while holding positions and making small movements.

Barre Express

This express Barre class is shortened to 45 minutes. Don't worry there is plenty of time to get in a great workout!

Barre Cardio

This class takes the barre class you love and turns it up a notch by adding cardio interval segments and moves at a faster pace.

Barre Booty Burn

Join us for a 45 minute class that will focus on firming, lifting and building a perfect. Your booty may be sore after this workout. 

Socks are required for all barre classes.


Circuit Training

In this class you will utilize different equipment to help you improve muscle tone, increase strength and flexibility, as well as gain cardiovascular endurance. The small group environment will allow your instructor to give you the attention and motivation needed to be successful!


High Intensity Interval Training is an enhanced form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. This is a challenging class, but can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels.

Bosu Bootcamp

The BOSU Balance Trainer or BOSU Ball allows you to train for multiple components of fitness, including balance, stability, strengthening the core and more. The instructor will utilize multiple BOSU devices to give clients a full body workout. The great thing about the BOSU is that there are infinite ways to use them and never ending levels of how to make it more difficult. If you are looking a fun way to mix it up and challenge yourself, this is the class for you! Wear running shoes!


This class mixes exercises with interval training and strength training. These group sessions, which focus on functional movements like push-ups, squats, sprints, and sit-ups, provide a killer workout and a chance to sweat. Don't forget to wear your tennis shoes for this class!

Total Body Strength

This strength training class is a total body workout. This workout engages both upper & lower body simultaneously, resulting in a higher calorie burn, more work done in less time, and an emphasis on not only strength, but also balance, coordination, and control over your own body. Don't forget to wear your tennis shoes for this class!

Tank Top Arms & Abs

This class will be a quick 45 minutes loaded with exercises designed to give you amazingly toned arms just in time for tank top season! This class will challenge you and every muscle group in the upper body with a combination of weight training and floor exercises that can be tailored to any fitness level. You will get some bonus core work in there too! You can wear tennis shoes for this class.

Cardio Strength

Join us for a 50 minute high energy cardio workout which will include weight work. 

Power Cardio

Join us for a 50 minute full-body burn with power cardio! You'll work to strengthen, tone and burn calories in this high energy workout. So much variety in this class with cardio, dumbbell work, core and more!


Join us for a dance fitness class that incorporates Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves.

The class combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. All levels welcome!



This class will focus on core strength, flexibility and balance as well as concentration and breath control. This class is based on physical postures, breath work, mindfulness, and listening to the body.

Yoga Core Fusion

This class uses yoga as the foundation and then incorporates additional conditioning such as Pilates and light weights that focus on the core. A full body workout concentrating on the smaller muscle groups but stays true to traditional yoga practice.

Mat Pilates Sculpt

Mat Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind-body exercise using a yoga mat and your own body to build strength and flexibility. Come see how Pilates Sculpt can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs!



Coming soon!
Keep an eye on the schedule for these new classes!!


What should I wear? Shoes should always be worn for cardio classes. All barre classes can be done barefoot with grippy socks. (Don’t worry we sell them in the studio if you want a pair.) Any athletic clothes will do for any class. Wear what you want to workout in!!


What should I bring? Tennis shoes if needed and a water bottle. We sell bottle water in the studio if you need it.


Should I arrive early to my first class? Yes. Please arrive 10-15 mins early for class. This will gives us time to give you a tour and get to know you a little better. Plus you get to hang out with us longer!!

Can I do barre while pregnant?
Everyone’s pregnancy is different, so it is a good idea to consult with your doctor to ensure he/she is comfortable with you continuing to take class. Make sure to let the staff and instructors know that you are pregnant, so that we can walk you through any modifications you may need through different stages of pregnancy. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult a physician.

Where do I park and where is the door to the studio? Yes, we add this for new clients. We don’t want you to be lost on your first visit. We are located in South City on the corner of Hampton Avenue and Nottingham Avenue. Parking can be limited at times but there is free parking available in the unmarked spaces behind the studio, as well as on both streets. There is a door with CC Fly Fitness Studio sign in the back parking lot. COME ON IN!!

NEW Policies:
1. Wash/Sanitize hands before and after workout

2. Wear socks in barefoot classes

3. Wipe your tennis shoes before class

4. Social distance


No problem! you can cancel up to 4 hours before the class start time and the class will be credited back to your account for future use.

*For guests enrolled in "Unlimited" all no shows and late cancels will incur a $20 fee.

*For guests enrolled in a class package (5, 10, 20 pack) all no shows and late cancels will be deducted from remaining classes as if you were there and you will incur a $10 fee.

*All classes must be cancelled online.

*All sales are final. Classes are non-refundable, exchangeable or transferable.

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